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Fiber Gel with Vitamin E and Calcium - Apricot Ice 5ml

Fiber Gel with Vitamin E and Calcium - Apricot Ice 5ml
Fiber Gel with Vitamin E and Calcium - Apricot Ice 5ml
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The updated ultra-strong modelling Fiber gel in a bottle with the addition of synthetic fiberglass. This gel is the second phase in the gel system. At a high-speed or medium pace of work, the gel is easily distributed with a brush, self-aligns and does not form gel accumulations at the ends of the side walls of the free edge. Ideal for problem nails that need additional strengthening. After complete drying in the lamp, the fibers visible in the bottle completely disappear and make the coating extremely hard and resistant to any mechanical damage. The fiberglass does not need to be stirred in the bottle before application. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Strengthens natural nails
  • Suitable for repairing damaged or cracked natural nail
  • Suitable for correction of gel nails
  • Contains vitamin E + Calcium
  • Perfectly keeps the given arched shape
  • Withstands mechanical stress
  • Combines perfectly with other gels
  • Applied in 1 or 2 layers, depending on the situation
  • Self levelling


No UV protect

Recommendations for use

Apply a thin layer of Fiber Gel to nail bed or nail forms and dry it in a UV / LED lamp until completely cured. Average drying time is 30 seconds to in LED / CCFL (45-50 VT) lamp and 60 seconds in UV lamp. The full cure time depends on the wattage of your lamp.


  1. Prepare the nail as in usual way
  2. Polish the surface of the nail with a rough buff
  3. Apply a thin layer of dehydrator to nails.
  4. Apply a thin layer of ultrabond (primer) to nails.
  5. Apply liquid base coat
  6. Depending on the technique in which you will be working - apply a thin or medium layer of Fiber Gel. Synthetic fiberglass should be spread over the nail plate in an even layer for a smoother and more even coating, so that less time is spent finishing the nail.
  7. Cure in a UV lamp for 2 minutes or 30 seconds to 1 min in LED / CCFL lamp, depending on the power of your lamp.
  8. In case if there are fibers of synthetic fiberglass on the surface of nail – the filing of the upper form can be done with a coarse buff without using a classic nail file (150/180 grit) for nails.
  9. Continue your manicure design.

Cure time

UV lamp 2min

LED/CCFL lamp from 30 seconds to 1 min, depending on the power of your lamp.


Sticky layer - yes

Consistency - medium to thick

Color - milky white

Volume - 15ml

* Please note that the color of the SPHYNX Lac Fiber Gels indicated on our website may differ from the real color due to the individual settings of your computer monitor.

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