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Brand: Gehwol Model: 1125222
Revitalizing rosemary bath additiveProduct benefits:• contains rosemary oil• cleans the feet gently and thoroughly• protects against foot odour• applicable as footbath and complete bathDermatologically testedSuitable for diabeticsPackage - 250g..
Ex Tax:7.80£
Brand: Gehwol Model: 1124405
Moisturizing care against cold feetProduct benefits:• with extracts of algae, paprika and ginger as well as essential oils of rosemary, lavender and camphor• contains care ingredients such as avocado oil, beeswax, aloe vera, urea and glycerine• stimulates blood circulation and gives a pleasant feeli..
Ex Tax:7.50£
Brand: Gehwol Model: 1111516
Softens callus, counteracts foot sweat and foot odourProduct benefits:• contains essential oils of rosemary, mountain pine and lavender in a natural base• stubborn calluses, weals and corns are thoroughly softened• eminently suited for rough and dry feet (cracks, tears and redness)Dermatologically t..
Ex Tax:12.50£
Brand: Gehwol Model: 1112620
Almond & vanilla for well cared legs and feetProduct benefits:• with calming almond oil and seductive vanilla scent• almond oil wonderfully softens and protects the skin• vanilla combined with vitamin E and nourishing avocado and castor oils effectively moisturizes, softening calluses and ensuri..
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Brand: Gehwol Model: 102532501
For restoring diseased or damaged nails, medium viscosityProduct benefits:• light-curing polymerization resin enables a highly resilient nail finish that is adjusted to the natural nail• self-adhesive, tension-free and no need to apply special primers• the tube's thin tip enables exact and hygienic ..
Ex Tax:15.20£
Brand: Gehwol Model: 1112906
Pomegranate & moringa for well groomed feet and legsProduct benefits:• its rich formula with pomegranate extract and moringa oil renders the skin supple• refatting shea butter creates a pleasantly soft skin sensation and strengthens the skin barrier• deep-acting hyaluron is readily absorbed into..
Ex Tax:15.42£
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