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SPHYNX Lac Gel Polish - Sandy Ford Terrace 10ml

SPHYNX Lac Gel Polish - Sandy Ford Terrace 10ml
SPHYNX Lac Gel Polish - Sandy Ford Terrace 10ml
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Sphynx Lac gel polish is a combination of several elements such as: gel, varnish, various pigments, small glitter and shimmer particles. Sphynx Lac is a hybrid of regular nail polish and modelling gel, which is why it is called gel-lacquer!

On the prepared and degreased nail plate Sphynx Lac is applied as easily as a regular varnish, which makes it easy to use not only in nail salons, but also at home, on vacation or in any other convenient  or comfortable place.

Gel polish contains a substance that hardens either under a light-emitting diode or under ultraviolet radiation. Thanks to the correct chemical reaction, the composition of the gel polish hardens more and the coating becomes stronger than the coating of conventional varnish.

First line Sphynx Lac gel polish - made on the basis of classic varnishes, therefore, this line is more liquid in consistency and less dense in colour.

* It is possible to remove gel polish from this line not only with special soft cutters for removing gel varnish, but also at home! You can use an acetone liquid (at least 90% acetone) in a bottle. Remove the coloured coating of Sphynx Lac gel polish by applying cotton swab dipped in acetone to nails and wrap the nails with foil!

All Sphynx Lac gel polishes can be easily mixed with each other, and thus get amazing new shades of gel polish at your discretion. The pigment in the Sphynx Lac gel varnishes does not separate, does not peel off from the base layer and does not settle. It is also recommended to mix all Sphynx Lac gel varnishes with any modelling gels from the Nail Paradise company to get new shades and colours of constructing gels, with which you will be very pleasant and comfortable to work with.

Sphynx Lac Gel polish preserves the original appearance for 3 – 4 weeks.

The classic curing time for Sphynx Lac gel polish, gels, polygels or new modelling gels (hybrids) mixed using Sphynx Lac gel  in LED / CCFL or LED lamps:

from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Depending on the voltage and shelf life of your lamp!

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